About Gijs

Gijs has a broad interest which resulted in him not finding his dream education right away. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After Piano Performance (in the US) and Economics (in Amsterdam) his Urban Planning major was a success. Specialising in mobility and environmental studies, Gijs could focus on challenges that were complex, emotional, contradicting interests and derivatives. He moved to Sweden to fulfil his research masters in Spatial Economics which was build upon quantative models, innovation sciences and industrial revolutions.

After moving back to the Netherlands, Gijs quickly joined consultancy firm Over Morgen as a consultant in sustainable mobility. He helped build charging networks for electric cars and use his knowledge on modelling for both the mobility- as well as the energy transition. After this he worked as a market analyst for both grid operator Liander and research institute ElaadNL. He focussed on the different energy transition scenarios and their impact on the electricity grid, the working stock and the best way to approach customers. He started by executing the analyses and moved towards a more supervising and coaching role. 

Currently, Gijs uses his experience, curiosity, enthusiasm and skill set to help all sorts of organisations to manoeuvre them through them through the different transitions. He is someone that helps shape Data teams, consults municipalities that want to make their mobility more active and sustainable as well as organisations that want to know how to maintain/become relevant in the energy transition