Data Team Lead

“Big Data, that’s something we should invest in!”

It is a common heard sentence and there are many cases of data fever. With gold fevers, it was quite clear how to make money, with data it isn’t always as straight forward. Many organisations struggle with the question what they can achieve with data:

  • Using data to measure.
  • Using data to explain.
  • Using data to predict.
  • Using data to prescribe.

Organisations often decide to hire a bunch of analysts, scientists and engineers in the field of data and hope that it will solve itself. Experience teaches us that (a part of) your organisation also needs to understand data. By doing so, even those who don’t normally think, do or talk in R, Python, GIS or SQL, can become acquainted with the (un)usability of data. bureau GIJS easily switches between data and practice and enjoys helping your organisation for a world where not using data will be impossible to imagine.