Energy | Mobility | Data

What does bureau GIJS do?

Gijs van der Poel has been working in the fields of energy, mobility and data for years. Fields that are shifting.

We are in the middle of the energy transition where fossil-fuelled is replaced with renewables; centralised will become decentralised  and algorithms are taking a more prominent role. The roles of various stakeholders are changing. Consumers become producers and  are using electric vehicles to keep our electricity grid stable.

Mobility is on the move as well. Cities are putting cycling, walking and simply being somewhere in the centre of their strategic plans. Cars are becoming electrically driven and shared mobility is knocking on the door in a world where everything is connected and more autonomous. This means that organisations that previously never heard of each other are collaborating on a large scale.

Let’s not forget the role of data. Back in the old days you would spend most of your money and time on collecting data and little on analysing it. With ‘Big Data’ that has turned around. Using data, you can explore, explain, predict and even prescribe. Translating data from models to real life and back is key – especially as you want to maintain control on the quality and fairness of choices your algorithms make.


Fossil-fuelled to renewable. and with it centralised to decentralised. bureau GIJS helps your organisation not only to survive but thrive in the energy transition.


Mobility is changing. New abbreviations like MaaS (Mobility as a Service) and CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Electric) are hurled into our lives; bureau GIJS maintains control.


Data is the new gold, but it never does exactly what you want it to. bureau GIJS ensures you that the data helps you to make the right choices.