Gijs is a familiar face on stages all around the world. Using day-to-day examples and metaphors he can reduce the most complex challenges to easy to understand transitions. His enthusiasm about the changes in the fields of energy, mobility and data inspires his audiences to take action. Gijs builds on his vast podium experience with all types of stages ranging from Rotterdam to Paris and Oslo to Beijing. bureau GIJS has a few well-tested presentations (see below). As always we can discuss a more tailored presentation that will focus on the specifics of your organisation and challenges that you face.

“The year is 1898 and we are in New York City”

It might sound a bit dated to talk about robo-taxis, but there’s no real alternative. If you want to understand what the robo-taxi can do for your city, you need to understand the challenges of New York City in 1898. If you understand the decisions back then, you’ll understand the ones now. And we need to start making decisions!

“Hot dogs and buns might be the biggest mystery in modern day cuisine”

If you want to understand how to build a charging network for electric cars; what challenges you face and what decisions you have to make, then it’s best to use hot dogs and buns. Let’s be honest, that sounds way better than chicken and eggs.

“Tea Bags decide what the power grid in the UK looks like. But not for long.” 

The Brits are known for their vast amount of tea, even their electricity grid is designed for it. With the introduction of electric mobility, solar panels and heat pumps this is about to change. Armed with a tea bag, Gijs explains what the energy system of the future will likely look like using both domestic as well as international examples.